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I am  a psychic medium who is very sensitive to energy and can connect you with your Angels, Guides and Loved Ones in Spirit. I can see into the future and also into your past lives. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. My aim is to heal, uplift and inspire you to move forward with love and hope and an awareness of the beautiful loving energies that surround you on a daily basis. 


I am  a very honest reader and will pass on what I see coming up for you in the most loving way possible. It  is very important for me to be ethical as well as accurate. I am also very passionate about connecting clients with their deceased loved ones and friends in the world of spirit. It has been my experience doing this work that the bonds of love never die. However it is important to note that I can only pass on messages from spirits who wish to connect  and that is totally up to the world of spirit.


Everything is energy and energy is all around us. I offer a variety of reading types for my clients to choose from to suit their individual needs. My work includes face to face readings, both individual and group and on line reading services. These showcase my ability to connect to many realms and work with loving benevolent energies who want to assist you on your path.


Many blessings!

Jo Nadj Soul Reader

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